Youth Program

At Dance with Us America, we feel it is important to promote healthy activities for youth and to encourage children to experience the joy and passion of dance. We have developed a dance program for youth ages 5-18, providing expert instruction in International Latin and Standard Ballroom styles. Our dance classes are taught in both group and private lesson formats.

Our instructors have ample experience teaching kids how to dance.

Gene has taught over 100 kids since the opening of his studio in 2004 (formerly Magic Ballroom), and the program has experienced many successes through the years including: USA Latin Junior Gold Champion, 1st – USA Latin Youth Pre-Champ, Ohio Star Ball runner up in Youth Champion Latin.

Elena brings another ten years of experience teaching at her studio, 21 Vek (21st Century)in Russia, where she led programs with up to 100 students at any given time.  Through the years she has taught over 500 young dancers, with successes including many regional championships and 5th in Youth Moscow finalists in Latin and Standard.

At Dance with us America, you can feel confident that your child will be able to reach their goals.

Competition Adventure Program

Dance with us America also provides, in collaboration with U.S.A. Ballroom Dance Association (USABDA) and National Dance Council of America (NDCA), private instruction for competition level dance. Participants are given age- and skill-appropriate, multi-cultural instruction to learn new dance techniques and gain insight into cultures’ dance histories. This instruction is highly focused to further develop flexibility, grace, coordination, posture, poise, sportsmanship and social skills.

Classes we offer for children and teens:

Music and Movements

Come and learn the basic concepts of Latin and standard dances and learn to count to the music and loosen up. This class is meant to introduce children to the fundamentals of ballroom dance and prepare them for the next level of training. This class is held on Tuesday evenings at 6:45.

Level 1 Latin and Standard: Learn the Bronze level Latin and Standard dances. This class meets Tuesday evenings at 6:00 and Saturday afternoons at 1:00.

Competitive class: This is our advanced group, into which children are placed once they have mastered the routines and would like to compete and learn routines. This class meets on Saturday afternoons from 1:45 to 3:15.